What is Amazon Go?

Amazon Go is the first supermarket that manages without a cashier system. This means that long waiting times at the checkouts are a thing of the past. The customer enters the shop, selects the desired products and pays via the free Amazon Go app on his or her smartphone.

How Exactly Does Amazon Go Work?

The bill-free shopping experience uses the same technologies used in self-propelled cars. Just-Walk-Out technology automatically detects when products are taken off the shelves or put back. The process is comparable to that of a virtual shopping cart. Once the purchase has been completed, the store can simply be left. After a short time, you will receive your purchase confirmation in your Amazon customer account.

Amazon Brand Guide

What Products Are Available on Amazon Go?

The offer includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack variants prepared by our own chefs and local favourite kitchens and bakeries. The choice of food ranges from basic foods such as bread and milk, homemade cheese, to locally produced chocolates.

For a quick and homemade dinner, choose the right ingredients for a meal. Ready-made menus are designed by our own chefs and offered as Amazon Meal Kits. The preparation time is two to three minutes.

What Products Are Available in My Amazon Go Store?

To find out which products are available nearby, simply open the Amazon Go App. The products are displayed on the “discover” tab.

How Do I Shop at Amazon Go?

You need an Amazon account, a newer generation smartphone and the free Amazon Go app. The free app can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The shopping process itself is relatively simple. Upon entering the store, the Amazon Go App is activated. After that, the process is completed. You won’t need it any longer for the shopping process.

Now the desired products can be purchased. Once the purchase has been completed, the shop can simply be left. After a short time, you will get a receipt and a calculation in your Amazon customer account.

Is There Any Staff Working at the Amazon Go Supermarket?

Yes, the employees in the Amazon Go supermarket work both in the kitchen and in the shop. They arrange all the ingredients, prepare ready meals, fill shelves and advise customers. Thus, a customer consultation can take place at any time – as usual.

Why Does the Amazon Go-Shop Exist?

Amazon wanted to create a shopping experience without checkout systems and associated waiting times. They asked themselves: “how can we create a store where customers can simply take their products off the shelves and then leave the store without waiting?” The answer to this question is Amazon Go