What is Eye-Tracking? Eye-tracking records the user's eye movements during interaction with a website or while surfing. Eye-tracking can record and utilize the behavior of the user's eyes. This data provides important insights into the user's "fixations" (points that are closely observed), e.g. to improve user experience and conversion. Eye-tracking in E-commerce Eye-Tracking is used [...]


Facebook Ads

What are Facebook Ads Companies can use Facebook to place targeted advertisements. Through advertising tailored to the target group, own products, services and offers can be made known. In order to successfully implement Facebook marketing, the use of Facebook Ads is mandatory. The difference between conventional Search Engine Advertising and Facebook Ads is that Facebook [...]


Final Price Indication

What is meant by final price? The final price is the price that is charged for a product, including sales tax and all other price components. This is the amount that is also paid by the private customer. Offers are only valid if the final price (without hidden costs) is indicated correctly. In addition to [...]



Fulfillment When selling physical products through an own website / online shop or Amazon or other marketplaces, many companies have upgraded to optimize their own appearance. By creating high-quality product images, new product texts or a better website performance. However, an important factor is often disregarded here. The shipment to the customer. Only after sending [...]


Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) The term Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has shaped a whole scene. With the Amazon FBA program, many small retailers are venturing their first steps into self-employment. What exactly does Amazon FBA stand for? Amazon defines the "shipping through Amazon" service as follows: Most Amazon sellers choose to ship through Amazon [...]


Fulfillment by Merchant

Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) Dealers have a choice of two shipping and storage models on Amazon. Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). In Fulfillment by Merchant, the retailer is responsible for the shipping, storage and customer service of its own goods. Depending on the product category, both variants have advantages and disadvantages. [...]


Geo IP

What is a Geo IP? Each device within a data network has an IP address. The IP address can be used to uniquely identify the device. When a web page is accessed from a computer, the IP address of the device is also transmitted to the web server. This is the only way the web [...]



What Is Geo-Targeting? Geotargeting is a not so new hobbyhorse of the ever-increasing flood of data in the global network. More and more companies are taking advantage of this and using the novel benefits for creative purposes - all in the interests of the customer, of course. Due to the ever-increasing use and distribution of [...]



What is Giropay? Giropay is a payment method that can be used to make purchases in online shops. Giropay can also be used to pay invoices online. You can also identify yourself online using the Giropay ID. There are different advantages for customers and merchants with this payment method. Customers do not have to leave [...]



What does GTIN stand for? GTIN is the abbreviation for Global Trade Item Number. It is an identification number for the worldwide identification of products and services. This number allows products to be uniquely identified. The GTIN is used for worldwide, unambiguous assignment. The GTIN is awarded by GS1 (Global Standards One). This organization assigns [...]



What is the Haendlerbund (Merchant association)? The Haendlerbund was founded in 2008 and has offices in Berlin and Brussels. The central theme of the Haendlerbund is to represent the interests of ist Customers (online trader) and to support them in legal matters. Customers can have legal texts created for their imprint, general terms and conditions, [...]



What is a Heatmap? The term "heatmap" is increasingly used in connection with e-commerce. So-called heatmap tools can be used, for example, to analyse a visitor's length of stay (user behaviour) on a website using a "behaviour map". Heatmap tools were developed on the basis of findings from psychology. In general, such heat- and clickmaps [...]



What is In-App-Advertising? In-App advertising is a popular monetization strategy for app developers, in which developers get paid to serve ads on their app. Several forms of advertising are displayed inside the app, so when the user clicks on one of the advertisements, they are automatically redirected to the advertiser's website. As users spend more [...]



What are influencers? Influencers can be, for example, influential bloggers, online marketers or SEOs. Many companies rely on so-called influencer marketing in order to distribute their content or products specifically to suitable persons. Influencers are particularly sought after because of their reach, reputation or expert status. Companies pursue various goals with Influencer: Increase company visibility [...]


Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is the use of "influencers" to promote products to a targeted audience. The goal of influencer marketing is to increase the sales and the credibility of a brand (brand awareness). What is an influencer? Influencer marketing uses influencers as opinion leaders in social groups to increase the sales of [...]


Influencer Marketing

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is the use of “influencers” to promote products to a targeted audience. The goal of influencer marketing is to increase the sales and the credibility of a brand (brand awareness). What is an influencer? Influencer marketing uses influencers as opinion leaders in social groups to increase the sales of a product. Influencers are defined, as people [...]


Instagram Marketing

What is Instagram Marketing, and which are its areas? Instagram is a social media platform founded in 2010 that has grown steadily since its launch and is now used worldwide. The platform allows users to share images and videos and interact with the community. The social network acquired by Facebook in 2012 has currently more [...]



What does ISBN mean? ISBN is the International Standard Book Number. This number clearly identifies books and other editorial publications such as audiobooks, software, maps, brochures, etc. ISBN numbering is assigned only once. If a new edition appears or a book is published in a new form such as paperback, hardcover or softcover, it needs [...]


Keyword Relevance

What is meant by Keyword relevance High keyword relevance is crucial for Amazon SEO and Amazon Marketing Services, for example, in order to deliver the best possible results to the customer's search query. Amazon defines keywords and their use as follows: What are Amazon keywords and how are they used? Keywords are either single words [...]


Longtail Keyword

Longtail Keyword The term Long Tail Keyword is defined as follows: In online marketing, the long tail refers to the little-used search terms used by users of search engines to reach a website. In their mass, however, they can lead far more visitors to a website or an online shop than a few heavily used [...]



What is a Marketplace? The term online "marketplace" refers to an online shop in which, in contrast to the classic online shop of a single retailer, customers can purchase products online from different retailers who sell on their own account via the marketplace. Similar to the fair or weekly market, merchants come together at a [...]


Midtail Keyword

The term Midtail Keyword is defined as follows: A mid-tail keyword is a compromise between the two extremes: the highly competitive, highly demanded short-tail keywords and the less competitive, longer, more conversion-oriented long-tail keywords. The short tail keyword "shoes" and the long tail keyword "shoes ladies autumn bootees leather" would be the mid tail keyword [...]


Mobile Commerce

What is Mobile Commerce? More and more people own and use a smartphone for their daily business. Mobile Ecommerce, or M-Commerce for short, is an exploding market and has long since become one of the most important distribution channels. M-Commerce is regarded as a revolutionary extension of e-commerce and offers completely new opportunities for shop [...]


Mobile Retargeting

How Does Mobile Retargeting Work In Online Marketing? Mobile retargeting is a marketing strategy that re-engages users, who have shown prior interest in a company’s goods or services, by delivering personalized ads to their mobile devices. The strategy is mainly achieved with display targeting. Matching the profile of the user and the previous actions, e.g., [...]



The term multichannel or also multichannel strategy stands for a strategic approach of service providers and acting. In this way, an attempt is made to reach potential customers on several so-called "channels". This can be through targeted advertising (multichannel marketing) or presence on a marketplace. Wikipedia defines the term multi-channel strategy as follows: Multichannel marketing [...]


Native Advertising

What Is Native Advertising? Native advertising is the term used to describe paid advertisements that are displayed on websites other than your own. The content offered does not therefore come from the website operator himself. A special feature of Native Advertising is that the advertisement fits into the existing design of the website on which [...]


Online Behavior Advertising

Online Behavior Advertising (OBA) describes a process in which companies try to play out relevant content or ads by obtaining user data. This can happen, for example, through cookies on websites. This marketing method is based on cookie technology. This type of advertising can also be called "Behavioral Targeting". Onlinemarketing-Praxis defines behavioral targeting as follows: [...]


Order Defect Rate

The Order Defect Rate (ODR) at Amazon is an indicator of how satisfied customers were with the shopping experience. ODR is an important factor in getting the buy box. ODR monitoring affects Amazon sellers who use Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). Amazon is committed to providing the customer with a consistent and smooth shopping experience, which [...]



What is OXID? Oxid eShop is one of the best-known and most popular shop systems for middle class e-commerce. OXID belongs exactly like Magento and WooCommerce to the E-Commerce platforms, however the focus of the E-Commerce system lies especially on the German market. The shop solution is available in three editions: Community, Professional and Enterprise. [...]


Paid Media

What is Paid Media? In online marketing, more particularly in the Social Web, there are three different types of media, including the Owned Media, Paid Media, and Earned Media. They all are meant to reach a specific audience, and together, they form an essential part of a company's online marketing strategy. Owned media describes a [...]


Phrase Keyword

Amazon "Phrase" / Phrase Matching Retailers who wish to place keyword-based advertising campaigns such as Headline Search Ads or Sponsored Products on Amazon can do so either within Seller Central or using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). In both cases, when creating the campaigns, a specific match type of keywords can be defined that must be [...]


Point of Sale

What Is the Point of Sale (POS)? The point of sale, or POS for short, is literally the place of sale, i.e. the place where the sale takes place. For example, the cash register in retail outlets such as supermarkets. Basically, the POS is always the place where customers can come into direct contact with [...]


Power Seller

What is a Power Seller? Commercial merchants who have set up themselves professionally on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay and continuously show a high trading volume can be described as power sellers. For example, the online sales platform eBay offers a Power Seller program for which you can qualify. In principle, Power Sellers [...]


PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

The abbreviation "PPC" stands for "Pay-Per-Click". This is a payment model or billing model in online marketing, especially with regard to click-based advertising. Here the advertiser always incurs costs when a customer has clicked on the corresponding target object. The target object can be, for example, a product display ad, a sponsored product, a headline [...]



What does PPS  mean? The abbreviation PPS stands for "Pay per Sale". PPS is a model in the field of online marketing where billing is based on sales. With this billing method, the affiliate operator receives his commission exactly when a visitor has made a purchase on the target page. However, it must also be [...]


Product Display Ads

Product Display Ads After successful creation of the AMS account the Headline Search Ads (HSA), Product Display Ads (PDA) and Sponsored Products (SP) can be managed. Product display ads can be found on the product detail page under the buy box and under the bullet points. In addition, the PDA's may appear on the left [...]


Programmatic Guaranteed

What Is Programmatic Guaranteed? Programmatic Guaranteed is a term from online marketing, or more precisely from the field of Real-Time Advertising (RTA) and therefore also from Programmatic Advertising (PA). In addition to the term Programmatic Guaranteed, synonyms such as Automated Guaranteed or Programmatic Direct are often used. In terms of content, Programmatic Guaranteed describes a [...]



What does resale mean? Reselling - a model that has existed in online and offline trading for many years. The so-called resellers buy merchandise and offer it for sale in their own shops or on marketplaces in the B2B or B2C sector. There are essentially three scenarios: Reseller buys from manufacturer and sells as a [...]



Return on Advertising Spend The Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) is an important key figure for online marketing. The return on investment (ROI) forms the basis for this. The ROI considers the general turnover in relation to the costs. The ROAS is about comparing the costs of an advertising campaign with the profit achieved. With [...]



What does sales mean? A sale is a special offer sale in both retail and online trade. The aim is to create a unique purchasing incentive for the buyer, e.g. through a high reduction in price. These actions are carried out either with discounts or through sales promotions. Sales are usually related to time or [...]


Search Retargeting

What Is Search Retargeting and How Does This Form of Advertising Work? Search Retargeting is a relatively new advertising concept in online marketing. As a dynamic form of retargeting, this method is used to target a target group after a user from this target group has carried out a certain action. This means that after [...]



The abbreviation SERP stands for "Search Engine Result Page". This refers to the list of results that is displayed after a search request has been made with a search engine. The term SERP was defined in the field of search engine optimization, because the aim of such optimization is always to be at the top [...]


Shipping by Amazon

What does shipping by Amazon mean? If merchants choose the "Shipping by Amazon" option, the logistics and storage of the items will be handled by Amazon. This means that the goods are stored in an Amazon logistics center, packaged with a customer order and sent to the customer. In order to use this option for [...]



What is Shopgate? Shopgate is a Mobile First platform and has established itself as the world's leading mobile commerce platform, dedicated to helping online merchants sell their products successfully on mobile devices. Shopgate integrates seamlessly with more than 60 of the most popular shop systems including Magento, Shopify, Oxid, and Plentymarkets. Shopgate's focus is on [...]



Shopfiy is an online shop provider that works according to the modular principle. By the simple handling of the software it should be possible to provide in shortest time its own on-line Shop without deeper programming knowledge to possess. With this Onlineshop is a so-called "Drag-and-Drop-Sandbox". Prefabricated elements can be selected and adapted. More than [...]



What is Shoplupe? Shoplupe is a company that specializes in the customer experience. They have been dealing with the unique shopping experience in online shops since 2003. A branding effect and customer loyalty are important components that increase the chance for profitable trading online. Shoplupe supports mail order companies, brands, publishers and industrial companies. The [...]



What is Shopware? Shopware belongs to the modular online shop systems like Magento, Prestashop and TYPO3. The software has been developed in Germany and is available as open source software as well as a commercial edition. By installing various plugins, the functions of the Shopware program can be extended and adapted. Furthermore, merchandise management systems [...]


Shorttail Keyword

The term short tail keyword is defined as follows: Short tail means simple search queries that consist of only one relatively general term with a very high search volume (example: tires). Short-tail search terms are highly competitive, search engine optimization can be very time-consuming and costly in this case. Definition of Shorthead / Short-Tail Keyword [...]


Sold and shipped by Amazon

Sold and shipped by Amazon Products that are marked with the words "sold and shipped by Amazon " are sold by Amazon itself. Amazon is not the manufacturer of the products, but acquires them from third parties. These third parties are so-called vendors. Amazon concludes framework agreements with companies and buys large quantities of stock [...]


Sponsored Products

Sponsored products are advertisements that are played out on a keyword basis and with which individual products can be advertised. The ads work according to the cost-per-click (CPC) method. The retailer pays when the advert is clicked. If a buyer is looking for a keyword that is stored in the Amazon campaign, the ad will [...]


Trusted Shops

What does Trusted Shops mean? Trusted Shop is a company which was founded in Cologne in 1999. It offers operators of online shops various services as well as a certification for their website. Like the name implies trust is exactly what the seal is intended to convey to customers. This seal offers small and medium-sized [...]



What does upselling mean? Upselling (also known as "up-selling") refers to the sale of a higher-value and usually more expensive product. Upselling is often confused with cross-selling. Both measures are, to put it simply, about an additional expenditure of the customer. The difference, however, lies in the type of products sold. With cross-selling, products are [...]


Vendor Central

What is the Vendor Central? Any online retailer who sells his goods via Amazon with the help of Vendor Central is often referred to as a first-party seller. However, he does not sell his goods to the end customers himself, but acts as Amazon's supplier and sells his articles in larger quantities to Amazon. Amazon [...]


Verified purchase

What is a verified Amazon purchase? A verified purchase is a "purchase confirmed by Amazon". Articles or products ordered directly from Amazon are verified. You can see if a product was ordered from Amazon by looking at the customer rating under the star rating. If "Verified purchase" is written in red, you are dealing with [...]


What is Bid Management

What is Bid Management? The term Bid-Management generally stands for tools that support ad management in the field of search engine marketing. AdWords campaigns can be automatically optimized with the Bid Management tool. The bid is adapted for keywords, ad groups, and campaigns to achieve the maximum profit. For instance, the system analyses which keywords [...]



Anyone wishing to place advertising campaigns on Amazon via Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) can choose between headline search ads, sponsored product ads and product display ads. In the case of the first two advertising forms, the frequency of show depends on a keyword-based click bid. Relevant keywords are assigned to the campaigns and can be [...]



What is WooCommerce? WooCommerce is one of the leading free open source shop systems based on WordPess, with more than 3 million active installations. WordPress is one of the world's most widely used content management systems, whose functions can be extended with plug-ins such as WooCommerce. Most online shop owners use plugins like WooCommerce to [...]



Xt:Commerce 5 is a software that can be connected to one or more online shops. The software allows merchants to customize and extend the shop through additional add-ons, interfaces and templates. The company size and number of products is irrelevant. Features of xt:Commerce The software of xt:Commerce has many useful functions. In addition to the [...]

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