Ara Premium Vendor Tool

Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) Premium is an additional service provided by Amazon Vendors through the Vendor Central. Further information can be found via this service.

The following contents are included in ARA-Premium:

  • sales diagnosis
  • Sales performance trends
  • Insight into geographic sales
  • Net PPM
  • pre-orders
  • traffic diagnosis
  • real-time sales
  • Forecasting and inventory planning
  • stock status
  • Amazon search terms
  • Consumer behaviour Repeated purchases
  • market basket analysis
  • Product comparison and alternative shopping behaviour

Get Access to ARA Premium

There are two ways to access Amazon Retail Analytics. The first option is to apply for the activation of ARA Premium via the Vendor Central access. Information about the company must be provided. If Amazon approves this application, the use of ARA Premium is free. There is no entitlement to the approval of the application.

The second way to get access to the additional service is to pay a fee. A so-called “Service Package” can be purchased. This starts at 30,000 USD per year. The purchase of this package can be discussed with the vendor manager.

Insights into Geographical Sales At ARA-Premium

With the function “Insight into geographical sales” you can read out from which federal state the customers come. How high the shipping revenue was in the individual federal state and how the shipping revenue has changed compared to the previous period and the previous year. In addition, you can also see how many units in total were sent to the respective federal state and a comparison with the preceding period and the previous year respectively.

Product Comparison and Alternative Purchase Behaviour With ARA Premium

Amazon describes the function of the article comparison with ARA Premium as follows:

  • Product comparison and alternative purchase behaviour
  • Improve your competitiveness by gaining insight into which products are most frequently viewed alongside your products and what customers buy after having looked at your product.

This insight makes it possible to better understand customer behavior. The alternative purchasing behaviour makes it possible to find out whether potential customers are migrating to the competition and which comparable products are preferred. With the help of this function the ASINs of the other competitions can be examined in detail.

Shopping Cart Analysis With ARA Premium

With the shopping cart analysis it is possible to identify which products were purchased by customers together. This makes it possible to identify cross-sell or bundling opportunities and adapt them to suit the exact needs of the customer.